Swimming Pool Covers

We manufacture solid PVC safety swimming pool covers for Gauteng in various shapes, sizes and colours. Our solid PVC safety covers enable a safe environment.

  • We service the following areas.
  • All of Gauteng
  • All of Johannesburg
  • All of the Vaal triangle
  • All of Pretoria
  • Hartbeespoort dam and surroundings areas

The advantages of our PVC swimming pool covers are

  • Our PVC pool covers keeps out dirt, and leafs, leaving your pool cleaner for longer.
  • In direct sunlight it raises the temperature of your pool water.
  • Our PVC pool covers are strong and durable and easy to clean.


We are a manufacturer of a wide range of solid swimming pool covers and we sell direct to the public..

  • We can shape the cover if and when possible to the  shape of the swimming pool and have various colours to choose from.
  • PVC cover with hooks and plate system
  • PVC cover with aluminium poles and ratchet systems
  • Solar bubble blankets also available
  • Roll up stations are available