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Tips for Choosing the Right Pool and Patio Layout

Summer Pool with Lazy Loungers

If you’re planning to install a pool and a braai area in your outdoor space, there are lots of considerations that you need to think about before you start building. You should select the best pool, patio and braai layout that will suit your lifestyle. Even if you simply want to remodel the pool deck, there are important questions to ask!

Pool and Patio

Here are some considerations for the best pool and braai area:

Who will be using the pool?

One important thing you’ll need to consider is who will be using the pool. This can help determine the style and size of your pool and size. If you have kids who will be making use of the area, it might be best if you have a stone pool deck for additional durability.

This helps prevent the wear and tear, which comes with getting a wooden deck. If just a few adults will be using the pool and patio, make plans for a smaller setup. But if you are planning to use the space for entertainment, you can design a bigger and more open layout to fit all your guests and enhance safety and comfort.

Will you use the pool for entertainment?

If you want to use your pool, patio and braai to entertain, there are some unique layout considerations. You’ll need a bigger and more efficient patio or braai layout to fit a lot of guests. Maximize your space by constructing a stone or concrete patio that will match all the way around your backyard oasis.

Our professionals can use the space you have to the best advantage. They will ensure it is comfortable for your family and friends. Even if your backyard space is small, we can help use the space that’s there.

Pool and Patio

Will your family grow?

If you’re looking forward to inviting more to members into your household in the coming years, you might want to plan in advance. While it might just be you and your companion now, you might have kids down the road who will use the pool as well. A smaller pool and braai area might be enough for you now; however, you can save effort and time by planning in advance and preventing the problem with future growth.

What is the surrounding landscape?

While you intend to make the most of your pool and braai area, you would like it to also fit seamlessly with your backyard landscape. There are lots of stunning designs, which you can incorporate into your yard’s natural beauty. A skilled professional designer that we can recommend can choose a layout, which allows for enough sPool and Patiopace without detracting from the surrounding landscape.

What items will be on the patio and braai area?

Think about what objects you will have on your pool, patio and braai area. Patio furniture, braai’s, and other objects usually need special consideration when it comes to designing the layout. Before starting the building, work with the designer to add these items into the patio design. Additionally, you can design some built-in storage close to your pool. You can use this area to securely store towels, cleaning tools, and other beneficial items.

It can be fun designing a pool, patio and braai in your outdoor space. This area will also add a lot of value to your home! With the help of the best swimming pool company in Gauteng, you can create a stunning getaway in your own yard!

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